Man Is Not A Bird: Yes, There’s a Gander Who Watches Movies

The movies Freddie enjoys watching would surprise you. Sometimes, late at night, I grab the chance to watch a movie before bed. I’m lucky if I can stay awake. If Freddie’s in the room that night, I have to be even more selective.

Freddie has to have everything his way.

Freddie watching Dušan Makavejev films which he can't seem to take a break from. It's like Mystery Ex-Yu Theater Freddie 3000.
Freddie watching Dušan Makavejev films which he can’t seem to take a break from. It’s like Freddie Ex-Yu Theater 3000.

If Freddie doesn’t like my movie choice, then he screams. Have you heard a goose scream? Not just the husky honk of a Toulouse or an Embden, but the shriek of an upset Chinese swan goose who claims he was Freddie Mercury in his past life?

I change the movie.

Breaking Bad. War of the Roses. Rocky.

unnamed (7)Out of the question. Freddie is particular. He doesn’t like confrontations. People can’t yell at each other, push, shove, punch or appear as if they are standing there on-screen looking directly at him.

He gets Goosietude!

On the other hand, he surprises me sometimes. Quite the fan of David Attenborough, as can be expected, it interests me that he became so engrossed in a collection of films I checked out from the library called Free Radical, Eclipse Series 18, The Criterion Collection, short films by Dušan Makavejev. Known for revolutionary work during the sixties that pushed the boundaries of the film world, Dušan Makavejev seems an odd candidate for Freddie to favorite. Dark, raucous films with odd and shocking imagery, he remained glued to the screen and I drifted off to sleep not having the chance to watch much of the third film in the collection, Innocence Unprotected.

And would you believe the first film on the disc is titled Man Is Not A Bird? I kid you not. How strange is that?

These films are memorable and I plan to find them again when I have time to examine them further. For the second film in the set,, describes as such:


Dušan Makavejev 1967

This story of the tragic romance between a young telephonist (Eva Ras) and a middle-aged rodent sanitation specialist (Slobodan Aligrudic) in Belgrade is an endlessly surprising, time-shifting exploration of love and freedom.

Never a dull moment with Freddie the Rock God Gander around.