Rainbows Make Freddie Giggle

Freddie may not have a gaggle now that he’s a gander.

“No dears, I do not have anywhere near a gaggle these days. But…you should have seen the gaggle I had as a man…some people say the gaggle I had was 200,000 strong at Live Aid,” Freddie says, laughing one of his half-goose, half-man honks.

“I have a notion to cover my mouth with my wing like I used to do in the old days. I forget about it,” he continues.

“Yes,” I say. “I have seen such a photograph of you at Garden Lodge–was it?–sniggering behind your hand as a turkey is being carved.”

“My God…yes. To think I was eating a turkey.”

Freddie has agreed to release his birthday photographs now, which is somewhere between his gander birthdate, April 7th, and his former birthdate of September 5th. His second birthday as a goose was a gorgeous, sunny day when the Italian plum tree decided to shed its blossoms like snow so Freddie pranced around while I played “Body Language” which happens to be his favorite prancing song now that he’s a gander.

He apologizes for the six month hiatus. He was off finding his inner goose.

Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury!

A rose from my side yard, planted by the previous, long-term owners. This rose is very much like that called the “Freddie Mercury rose”. Freddie loved roses. This rosebush came with my house, purchased over ten years ago, which preceded my awareness of who Freddie Mercury was.

‘There are times when I wake up in the morning and I think, “My God, I wish I wasn’t Freddie Mercury today!” I’m in the public eye whether I like it or not, but I don’t want everything I do to be made public. I’m a virgo, I’m like Greta Garbo, I want to be left alone. I am a bit reclusive but it’s not a calculated thing. I like to be alone and shut myself off with my friends, but I’d hate to be on a deserted island. I would loathe that. I do like people around me but I like them in my environment. I’ve got all my friends that come to me and maybe it’s a very selfish thing to do, but it’s a wonderful treat for me.’ — Freddie Mercury, b. September 5, 1946 – d. November 24, 1991.