Freddie has to say:

“At least in this life, even though I’m a gander, I have a nice, round bum! Will you just look at it? And Lord knows…I still love baths, but sharing the pool with ducks is another matter. They muddy the water before I have a chance to get in. And there are no more bubble baths, though I do sing in the pool the same as I used to as a man.”


“This is modern times…Rock n’ Roll”

“All I remember anymore, darlings, is that I was in Japan and Mark Hayward took photographs. Looking back, the sleeves on that jacket were rather short.” — Freddie the Rock God Gander, remembering his past life as Freddie Mercury.

Artwork based on a photograph by Mark Hayward.

Freddie Hires Sketch Artist

Freddie would like me to inform you that he’s hired a sketch artist to assist him with media releases. As a gander he’s just too busy to stop and pose for photos and he dislikes paparazzi. His rock collecting and saying, “RAWR!” all the time doesn’t afford him the time to talk to media.


This is Freddie’s sketch artist:


The artist doesn’t have a name. From what we know she rubs Zanzibar in her hair and loves curry.