Freddie Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

The video link doesn’t work for this shared post, but it’s the fun with quintiles that’s interesting.



The Quadruple Genius

Freddie Mercury


* Four Quintiles

 Astrologer, (& former opera singer) Noel Tyl swears by the “quintile”, or 5th harmonic aspect of 72 degrees. This ‘artistic genius aspect’ is usually right on the money when it comes to revealing unique creative gifts. Many famous artists have them. Their unique artistic genius is clearly revealed by them. It is fairly common to find about 1 or 2- more than that could get a little ‘freaky‘ sending an undeniable need for creative outlet. Freddie had 4 quintiles in his birth chart! His most revealing one being his exaltation in Mercury in Virgo quintile a Uranus/Vulkanus conjunction in Gemini. Both Virgo and Gemini being ruled by Mercury, Messenger of the Gods!

 In traditional astrology Mercury is exalted and receives it’s highest expression in the sign of Virgo. In modern astrology it’s exalted in Aquarius. Mercury is about many, many things…

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