Rainbows Make Freddie Giggle

Freddie may not have a gaggle now that he’s a gander.

“No dears, I do not have anywhere near a gaggle these days. But…you should have seen the gaggle I had as a man…some people say the gaggle I had was 200,000 strong at Live Aid,” Freddie says, laughing one of his half-goose, half-man honks.

“I have a notion to cover my mouth with my wing like I used to do in the old days. I forget about it,” he continues.

“Yes,” I say. “I have seen such a photograph of you at Garden Lodge–was it?–sniggering behind your hand as a turkey is being carved.”

“My God…yes. To think I was eating a turkey.”

Freddie has agreed to release his birthday photographs now, which is somewhere between his gander birthdate, April 7th, and his former birthdate of September 5th. His second birthday as a goose was a gorgeous, sunny day when the Italian plum tree decided to shed its blossoms like snow so Freddie pranced around while I played “Body Language” which happens to be his favorite prancing song now that he’s a gander.

He apologizes for the six month hiatus. He was off finding his inner goose.

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