The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Delayed Contact

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt

How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?


Freddie wants a go at this one. I will type for him.

“Well, darling, now that I’m a gander I wouldn’t care one way or another about that person, now would I? Having been imprinted, as they say, I am just another person in a goose body who only cares about the person who fed me and kept me warm after I hatched.

Had I not been imprinted, I think matters would be worse. For one thing I wouldn’t get to listen to my music and think, ‘My how awful! What was I thinking?’ and I wouldn’t get to see myself wearing black nail polish with long hair and women’s blouses, all glam rock, and also think, ‘How embarrassing! I was such a young tart.’

I have these moments when all is not going well and I am frustrated to think I’m stuck inside this body where I am required to preen all day and step in my own shit, but it could be worse: I could have come back as the ghost of Sid Vicious.”

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